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Why you should consider filling out a reference form for a teen counselor position with the 4-H organization

Support a young person's growth: Your reference can help a teen get a valuable summer job working with kids. Camp counseling can develop leadership skills, responsibility, and patience in young adults [1]. These are all transferable skills that benefit them in future endeavors. 

Give back to the 4-H organization: 4-H provides a positive and educational environment for young people. By helping them find qualified counselors, you're contributing to the overall quality of the program.

 It's a small time commitment: Filling out a reference form typically takes less time than writing a full recommendation letter.

You can make a real difference: Your positive reference could be the deciding factor in a teen getting the counselor position.  This could be a valuable opportunity for them to develop new skills and gain valuable work experience.

Of course, you should only fill out the form if you feel comfortable vouching for the teen's qualifications and character.  But if you believe they'd be a good fit for the counselor role, then your reference could be a big help to them and the 4-H program.

Use the button below to download the PDF version of the form. Please sign and return this form. There are two ways to return it. It can be emailed to the Washoe County 4-H office at Or it can be returned by mail in a sealed envelope to the Washoe County Extension office at:

Western 4-H Camp
Attn: Sam Mitchell
4955 Energy Way
Reno, NV 89502

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