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Records are a curiosity cure. You may have many questions concerning the amount of time and money spent on your goat(s). Records can help you organize your time, budget your money and make important decisions.
Inventory is to list the animals and equipment you have on hand. The feed record allows you to keep track of types of feed fed and the cost of each. Breeding and kidding records are very important where buying, selling, milk production and showing are involved. The milk record is necessary as production of the doe is important to you because of prospective buyers. The business record helps you remember where, when and to whom your goats and kids are going or coming from. The importance of the health and account records is described in the paragraphs accompanying these pages. At the end of the project year, all this material can be summarized on the Financial Summary (page 8), and your experiences can be summarized on an additional page which asks for your experiences during the year.

There are many records contained in this publication. They are all important, but your leader or county agent will determine which need to be kept to fulfill the requirements for completion of a 4-H Dairy Goat Project. Be sure to bring your records with you to every meeting so any problems may be discussed with other members and with your leader.

Curiosity and asking questions are the keys to learning new things. Records can help you satisfy your curiosity while developing questions that ask, "What will make the best better?"

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