Established in 1861, Storey County was one of the original nine counties in Nevada. Located south to southeast of Reno, Storey is a short drive from the Reno/Sparks Metropolitan Area. The northern borSt Mary's Church in the Mountainsder of the county is home to the US-80, which also extends through the Lockwood and Clark communities. Virginia City, the county seat, can be accessed from State Route 341 in the southern portion of the county alongside Gold Hill. At 264 square miles, Storey is the smallest county in Nevada in terms of land area. With the addition of the Tesla Gigafactory and the growth of manufacturing and warehousing industries in Storey, jobs within the county far outpace the population of 3,891 (DETR, 2017).

Much of Storey sits well above sea level. At the county seat in Virginia City, elevation is over 6,000 feet with the county’s highest peak reaching 7,864 feet at Mount Davidson. On average, Storey sees 19 inches of rain per year, and 114 inches of snow (Best Places, n.d.). The Flowery Range runs along the eastern part of the county and bolsters peaks such as Tibbie, Rocky and Flowery. Part of the Virginia Range covers the southwestern portion of the county and houses Mt. Davidson and Mt. Bullion.

The Truckee River runs along the northern border, which accounts for much of the water found within the county. Lousetown and Long Valley Creeks run north to south and can be found near Washington’s central location in Storey. July tends to be the hottest month for Storey with an average high temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit; due to this, Storey County tends to rank as one of the coolest places in Nevada throughout the summer (Best Places, n.d.).

For those looking to explore local history, StoreyVirginia City Comstock Firemen's Museum sign is home to mining tours, ghost towns, museums and train expeditions. Chollar Mine and the Comstock Gold Mill operate tours from May to October. Historical ties are strong in Storey and can be explored at the Comstock History Center, Courthouse Slammer and County Museum, and the Mark Twain Museum at the Territorial Enterprise. The V&T Railroad offers round trip, weekend tours from Virginia City to Gold Hill and an extended route from Carson City to Virginia City giving riders a glimpse at the natural beauty Storey County, and the surrounding area.

For a more in-depth look at what makes Storey County a community, you can read the full Storey County Cultural Overview.


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