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Preschoolers should engage in 60 minutes of structured play and 60 minutes of outdoor play. Finding structured activities that can be done indoors and in small spaces can be challenging. Music and dance may just be the optimal choice! University Nevada Cooperative Extension has created some music and dance opportunities that can be downloaded and used as part of a curriculum, as a teacher-led, structured activity or as an activity to break up sedentary time. The music is multi-genre, has healthy messaging related to physical activity and healthy eating, incorporates math, science, music and creativity and other Pre-K standards and teaches children fundamental and perceptual motor skills that help them become active adolescents. Music and dance is fun, it doesn’t exclude children who are less skilled, it can be done at school or home, with friends or family and it promotes brain development and social interaction. The dances below can be taught using multiple platforms including audio mp3 with and without instructional voiceover, a dance instructional video, written lyrics and dance instructions or music videos for practice and family shared entertainment.

Boogie Oogie Slide

View Boogie Oogie Slide Instructional Video
Download Boogie Oogie Slide Audio
Download Boogie Oogie Slide Instructional Audio
Boogie Oogie Slide Lyrics

I've Got Moves

View I've Got Moves Instructional Video
Download I've Got Moves Audio
Download I've Got Moves Instructional Audio
I've Got Moves Lyrics

Pack It Up

View Pack It Up Instructional Video
Download Pack It Up Audio
Download Pack It Up Instructional Audio
Pack it Up Lyrics

Supposed to Polka

View Supposed to Polka Instructional Video
Download Supposed to Polka Audio
Download Supposed to Polka Instructional Audio
Supposed to Polka Lyrics

Ven Conmigo

View Ven Conmigo Instructional Video
Download Ven Conmigo Audio
Download Ven Conmigo Instructional Audio
Ven Conmigo Lyrics

Yebo, Let's Go

View Yebo, Let's Go Instructional Video
Download Yebo, Let's Go Audio
Download Yebo, Let's Go Instructional Audio
Yebo Let's Go Lyrics

All 4 Kids Chant

View All 4 Kids Chant Instructional Video
Download All 4 Kids Chant Audio
All 4 Kids Chant Lyrics

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