Byington, T. A., Lindsay, A. R., Loesch-Griffin, D., Brumett, S., & Sigman-Grant, M. 2013, Influencing Head Start families thoughts and beliefs about health, nutrition, and physical activity., National Head Start Association, NHSA Dialog, 16(3), 160-164
The results of an intervention comparison research study indicated that preschoolers can have an influence on their families’ food selection and physical activity habits. Intervention families participated in an educational program focused on healthy eating and physical activity. Following the intervention, in-depth interviews were conducted with intervention and comparison families. Intervention families reported higher consumption of healthy snacks and buying fruits and vegetables based on preschooler requests. Families in the intervention group had a more positive concept about health and stated that ideas from the educational program had helped them overcome barriers to healthy eating and being active.

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