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Get Moving!

It can be a challenge to schedule an exercise plan into your busy life. Try stepping up your current routine without adding more commitments to your schedule and get moving!

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Get Up, Get Out!

Get Up, Get Out isn’t about exercise or hard workouts at the gym, it is leisure and fun that will help lay the foundation for becoming more active.

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Get Regular

Starting a fitness program is only half the battle. Maintaining a physically active lifestyle is the ultimate challenge. As you progress through the steps to building an active lifestyle, you reach the final step, Get Regular!

Program Overview

The Healthy Kids Resource Center is a one-stop-shop for evidence-based research, resources, curricula, activities and materials that focus on obesity prevention for teachers and parents of young children. It is designed to educate parents and teachers as well as provide the tools needed to teach young children how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Toolboxes are provided on topics of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Body Image. Within these sections you will find educational fact sheets on relevant topics such as energy balance, cardiovascular health, eating healthy, reducing sedentary behavior, physical literacy and living healthy at any shape or size. Teachers and parents are provided with their own sections full of easy-to-use resources such as activities, games, lessons, videos, music and dances which are free to use at home or in the classroom. In conjunction with various community partners, you will find a calendar of upcoming community health events geared towards young children, legislation and best practices, statewide programming efforts and contact information for organizations invested in keeping our children healthy. We hope this is a valuable resource for promoting and creating opportunities to establish healthy eating and physical activity habits at an early age.

Who we are

The Healthy Kids Resource Center is part of Nevada’s Healthy Kids, Early Start Program funded by Clark County and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s SNAP-Ed program. The Healthy Kids Resource Center is developed and maintained by Extension, which employs faculty and staff who specialize in public health, exercise science, nutrition and early childhood and who collaborate closely with local, state and national partners in early childhood and health.


Meet the Healthy Kids team

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