Nevada's domestic violence rates are some of the highest in the nation. Needs assessments in Elko and Churchill Counties showed that domestic violence prevention is a high-priority issue. Children living in violent homes are at greater risk for abuse. Research shows that as children witness violence at home, they develop attitudes about violence and power in relationships that can pass to future generations. Children who witness violence also experience problems as adults, such as depression, anxiety, trauma-related symptoms, and increased tolerance for and use of violence in relationships.

Extension's Heart & Shield: Rural Domestic Violence Prevention Program, led by Extension Educators Jill Baker-Tingey and Pamela Powell, works to spread awareness and prevent violence in Elko and Churchill Counties in three ways.

  1. law enforcement training
  2. direct education and non-crisis intervention for surviving families
  3. community education

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Jill Baker-Tingey
Program Leader & Contact
Julie Woodbury
Program Leader

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