Spring 2023 Flood Information

Nevada has a dry climate, but that does not mean that the state is immune to flooding. After a winter with high amounts of snow accumulation and temperatures quickly start to rise, flooding is becoming a big concern this spring. Below you can find several resources to be better informed and prepared in the event of a flood in your area:

Nevada Flood Information

Nevada Floods provides information and resources for preparing for floods by determining if your home is in a flood plain, if flood insurance is right for you, how to prepare an emergency kit, and more.

The National Weather Service provides information about significant historical Nevada floods as well as information about how to identify and prepare for extreme flooding events.

Flood Watches and Advisories

Flood watches, warnings, and advisories for Nevada.

Disaster Relief

The Disaster Assistance Recovery Tool from the USDA can help you determine if you qualify for certain USDA disaster assistance programs.

If you are a rancher or farmer who has suffered crop or land losses due to flooding, you might qualify for assistance from the USDA Farm Service’s Emergency Conservation Program.

Information to help you file a flood insurance claim through FEMA disaster assistance.

Nevada Flood Awareness Brochure (English and Spanish)