Everyone wants to know know what the weather will be like.

The National Weather Service provides forecasts for the next seven days.

These are the detailed weather forecasts you’re used to seeing with information on the high and low temperatures to expect each day, the likelihood of precipitation and information about potentially hazardous weather, like high winds, heavy snow, or lightning.

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8 – 14 day and 2 – 3 week outlooks are provided by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center

Long-lead outlooks are less detailed than weather forecasts, but they can give you early warning about wet and dry periods or whether the next two to four weeks will be relatively warm or cool.

Be careful reading these and remember that a 40% chance that temperatures will be above normal means a 60% chance that temperatures may be near normal or even a bit cool.

Seasonal outlooks from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center

Seasonal forecasts provide general information about weather upcoming three-month periods will be relatively warm or cool, wet or dry. This is a tall task, so use these with care.